Easy origami easter bunnies

When looking for Easter activities to do with a toddler I discovered a lot of craft activities that involved glue, scissors, dye or paint. While it’s fun to get messy and enjoy crafts I was looking for an activity that was quick, easy and not messy.

Hudson and I made origami Easter bunnies so we could decorate the house ready for the Easter bunny’s arrival.  He enjoyed decorating the faces, putting them around the house and playing with all the coloured paper

The steps are below:


1. Take one piece of origami paper (I got mine from a $2 shop)
2. Fold in half
3. Half again and unfold to make crease
4. Fold a small part up at the bottom of the triangle
5. Fold two sides to meet the centre crease (creating ears at the top)


6. Fold smal section down at the top to create top of bunny head.
7. Fold again at the bottom to make an area for the bunny head to stand up.
8. Draw on the bunny face using a texta.



Make a few and decorate your home ready for the arrival of the Easter bunny.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone.  Thank you for all your support. 

Rachelle xx

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