Best ways to help a new mum

What should you take when going to see a mum and her new bub, when they have just home?  Flowers, foil balloons and baby clothes are lovely gestures.  However, sometimes practical ideas go a long way (plus they are often cheaper or even free) here are some suggestions of things to take or do for a when you visit a mummy and her new bubba at home. 

* Dinner – food is always welcome when you’re a sleep deprived parent.  Casseroles, spaghetti, lasagna.  If you’re no Martha Stewart just bringing all the ingredients to make something would be appreciated.  It will save mum or dad from running up to the supermarket. 

* Pantry and fridge essentials -bring along a carton of milk, tea bags or loaf of bread.  Even a couple of packets of biscuits. This way mum has something to give visitors and no stress of leaving the house to get it.

* Alone time – offer to watch bub while mum grabs a shower.  Sometimes. Just having a few precious moments of alone time without worrying about a  screaming baby is just what a mum needs.

* Wipey wipes – turn up with a pack or two of baby wipes. Mums never ever have enough baby wipes. I use them for everything.  Extra packets will never go to waste.

*Laundry – you don’t have to tackle the huge pile of laundry.  A bottle of napisan or laundry powder is a great help. These are essential and will never go to waste in a house with a new baby.

* Offer to run errands – ask mum if she needs anything from the chemist or  supermarket. Pick it up on the way over. Or even post off the thank you cards or medicare forms she probably has sitting on the bench.

* Fuel her up – there is nothing worse than hopping in the car (late for a maternal health or doctors appointment) and realising you have no fuel.  Pop up the street and fill the car. My mum did this for me once and it was a lifesaver. 

Most importantly ring before you go. I’m never a fan of pop ins, I believe in this instance it’s absolutely essential to ring or message before you show up at the door (don’t ring when you’re in the driveway either). This way mum can feel a little organised and will be less stressed about unexpected guests. It’s not fun to just settle your bub and decide to have a quick nap or shower, only to be surprised with a houseful of people at the door.

There you have it, some practical ideas of ways to help a new mum.

Rachelle xx


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