Hip Dysplasia – Scarlett’s story

My baby girl Scarlett has DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). She was very cramped inside my tummy and must have been in an awkward position.  The day she was born the pediatrician said he could feel her left hip moving in and out of the socket. She was referred for an ultra sound at 4 weeks old.The ultrasound showed Scarletts left  hip was completely dysplastic and were were referred to a specialist. Two days later we attended the specialist,  he advised that since Scarlett’s hip was picked up so early (5 weeks) it should be completely curable and brace treatment would be effective.   Scarlett was placed in a Dennis Browne Bar brace 24 hours a day for 6 weeks.

We had a check up after 6 weeks and the hip is now in the socket. Scarlett is now allowed one hour out of her brace a day for tummy time and baths. Hopefully at her next check up the brace will be reduced to night time wear only and then not at all.  Scarlett has not been bothered by her brace, she is a very happy little girl.

Some tips I have found very useful are:

* Buy clothes a size bigger to go over the brace. Especially onesies and pants.

* Little legwarmers have been a lifesaver as they are 100% easier under little dresses than tights or leggings.

* I use my Ergo baby carrier almost everyday. It is so easy to use with the brace. Worth every cent.

* Scarlett is still being swaddled so large swaddle wraps helped as they have enough room for the brace.

* I brought kids tube socks (3 pairs for $7) and cut them to wear under the brace to prevent the brace rubbing and irritating her legs.


Baby legs leg warmers & Ergo carrier

When Scarlett was first diagnosed with DDH I was incredibly silly and looked on the Internet.  There are so many horror stories, I was very worried and felt sick wondering what our journey would bring. I wanted to share our experience as overall it’s been positive. We are just incredibly thankful that  the pediatrician picked up her hip early. If he didn’t, my health nurse wouldn’t have felt anything and the problem wouldn’t have been noticed until Scarlett started walking. If hip dyplasia is diagnosed later there are more problems and the treatment is more complex (often involving surgery).

There is currently a petition for mandatory bulk billed ultrasounds in newborns to reduce the risk of late diagnosis of DDH, feel free to sign to help the cause.  Sign now – to reduce late diagnosis of DDH


Little Scarlett rocking her hip brace on the weekend! 

Rachelle xx


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