Stop the spread

After seeing the news stories in the last week about the one month old baby who passed away from whooping cough, I can’t help but think of how awful it would be for his family.  Before I start this post I should mention that this is a topic I am very passionate about,  this is my opinion and I understand that there are people who disagree.

I believe that this awful situation (and many others like it) could be avoided if the general public stay up to date with immunisations and ensure that all children are immunised.  It’s almost become trendy to not immunisie your child and use natural therapies instead.  I am all for using natural products and baby trends.  However, when it comes to my child’s health I am going to listen to the World Health Organisation and qualified doctors who provide immunisations that are backed with years of medical reseach.  When I speak to people who are anti immunisation they tend to be full of useless fun facts that aren’t actually backed by any sort of medical research and they pretty much always say ‘immunisations aren’t 100% effective’. I completely understand that they aren’t 100% effective but its a lot better than 0% effective which is what not immunising is. The reason diseases such as whooping cough are back in society is because people are simply deciding against immunisations.

When my son was born 6 weeks early, seeing him hooked up with tubes and drips was an awful experience. No parent wants to see their child unwell and in hospital.  I would hate to think that a completely selfish decision not to immunise my child could put someone elses child at risk, it’s completely irrisponsible behaviour.  We were advised before he was released from the special care nursery that everyone who come in contact with him must be immunised against whooping cough or we shouldn’t see them (he was so small, had premature lungs and a weak immune system). We asked all family members to get their shots, I’m sure some people thought we were crazy paranoid new parents but I was not willing to put my precious baby at risk.  I don’t feel bad about this and I refuse to tip toe around the subject,  I believe the decision not to immunise is down right wrong!

There are countries that have awful diseases and would love to have access to the immunisations we have in Australia.  Yet, somehow there are people in our first world society who believe they are above medical advice, don’t require immunisations and will fight disease using herbal concoctions?  Don’t get me wrong, I do think alternative therapy has its place when used in conjunction with modern medicine, not alone. 

If you decide to be a conscientious objector you should first have to go to a hospital ward where there are children being treated for whooping cough or meningococcal. See the fear in their eyes and the stress it causes the family.  You will view the full extent of what you are deciding and you will completely understand what you could play a part of spreading. 

I also question if these conscientious objectors get immunisations when traveling overseas? Do they go to the doctor or hospital when they are very sick? Is it a case of you just pick and choose when to use natural therapies and when modern medicine is required?? 

As I said above, this is only my opinion and everyone has their right to make decisions about how to raise their children. What I do ask is if you make the decision not to immunise you child please understand I would prefer they aren’t around my children, especially my infant who is too young to be completely immunised against these nasty bugs.

My thoughts are with any family who has had to deal with any of these awful diseases and may have lost a loved one.
After reading the story of the passing of the poor little boy last week I held my little ones extra close and truly appreciated that they are here with me and healthy. 

Rachelle xx

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