Ditch the microwave

Do you prepare and freeze your own baby food? Do you use a microwave to heat it up for your little one? I do….. Well, I used to. I was having a look around the Internet and came across Lillypots. It’s a product that allows you to easily defrost baby food over a pot of boiling water. No microwave, no heating up plastic pots or sachets.  This makes me very happy, when I spend time making delicious purees for my babies I want to make sure all the nutrients stay in the food and not have to worry about heating plastic.  Lillypots are so easy to use and clean, even my husband will use them.

Another bonus is that you can heat up three different types of puree and they stay separate, which is great for when you are introducing new foods to bub.

I purchased my Lillypot from Eat, Teeth, Sleep. When I told them how much I love it they offered to give all our readers 20% off if you use the code ‘LILLYPOT’ at checkout.

See the below pics for how easy it is to use:



Oh and this is Lucy, my friends little lady. I used Lillypots when she came over for a visit the other day. She seems pretty happy with the results. 


Have a wonderful weekend.

Rachelle xx

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