Great gift idea

When searching for a gift to welcome a new bub or congratulate the family, the options are endless.   While flowers, chocolates, rattles and baby clothes are amazing.  It’s sometimes nice to give something a little different and personalised.

I recently discovered personalised natural soy wax candles from Buddy and me . These come in a huge range of amazing scents (from champagne and strawberry to Japanese honeysuckle)  and can be personalised with the babies name, date of birth or whatever you fancy.  Here is an example of a boy and girl candle which are just divine. 

While I’m on the topic Buddy and me also stock a range of cement candles which make great presents and they don’t leave out the man in your life as they have the ‘mandle’ (man candle) which has black blokish packaging and a manly scent. If you are looking for a present for anyone this easter that’s not chocolate you definitely need to check out Buddy and me .

Some candles cost the earth and don’t have a lot of scent which often leaves me feeling disappointed, but let me tell you these ones do not disappoint. Within minutes your home will be filed with the scent of your choice.  With prices starting at $10 they won’t break the bank so you can afford to by a few.  The candles are completely natural and contain no lead or any other metals.  Plus, you will be supporting a small, local business and a fellow mummy (much better than spending hundreds of dollars at David Jones).

If you are ever looking for a special gift remember to check out Buddy and me .

Rachelle xx

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