No spill sippy cup lifesaver

I am always looking for ways to save space around the house and for ways to travel lighter when out and about with my little ones.

Once your baby transitions from bottles to sippy cups or straw cups you pretty much need to carry one everywhere you go, a toddler will go from not thirsty to extremely thirsty and screaming for water in 10 seconds flat.  When I catch up with my friends with toddlers they are always lugging about a colourful drink bottle of some sort.  These bottles are great but take up a lot of space and if you forget them you are often faced with a little person trying to use a normal cup. My son Hudson (Mr Independent) can use a cup on some occasions however I have to watch him closely and I would never just hand him a normal bottle of water to drink in the car as it would go everywhere and he would need a change of clothes or a raincoat. 

Recently,  I discovered the amazing Snip Snap universal sippy cup lid.  It basically converts any cup into a sippy cup (you can also get a straw cup version).  These bad boys are the best, they come in packs of three so you can just leave one in your bag or the car, they are small, can be stretched over any cup with no leaks, are dishwasher and toddler proof! I really couldn’t ask for anymore. Hudson loves the bright colours and has had no problems using them at all.  Perfect for road trips, picnics and restaurants. Although,  I am pretty much using mine all the time.

I believe these are a mummy must have product.  Do yourself a favour and try them out.

I got mine from Eat, Teeth, Sleep they are $24.95 for a pack of three. 

Here is Hudson using his Snip, Snap at lunch time:


Rachelle xx

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