Support your sisters

I have been reading in the news over the past few days about the model Sarah Stage. She is currently almost nine months pregnant and throughout her pregnancy she has posted some pretty amazing photos on Instagram.  If you’re unsure of who I am speaking about this is her at 8.5 months pregnant. 


I have seen her pop up on my Facebook feed and also read some news articles about this lady. I decided to check out her Instagram. I found it so disappointing to read that 90% of the comments from women were so negative.  This lady has abs and an amazing figure even when pregnant.  When I was pregnant I couldn’t see any sort of ab muscle even if I squinted and flexed in perfect lighting. 

Most of the comments are from what I am sure to be armchair experts on pregnancy and birth. Highlighting that there is no way her baby is healthy, the baby is going to be small and saying she is a bad mother for working out.  I’m no expert and I dont know Sarah Stage,  but I’m pretty sure that she has a doctor that would be seeing to her and her babies health. I also understand that posting the pictures leaves her open for public comment and people have the right to express their opinion. What I don’t understand is that why women feel the need to be so cruel and negative to other women. You don’t see men making nasty comments about other hot men on social media, I guees they don’t care. They are more likely to stand up for each other.

Just because someone is a model,  takes care of themself or looks amazing at 9 months pregnant doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings.  This lady has the same hormones racing through her body as someone who gains 30kg during pregnancy.  Her body is growing a human and she probably has body insecurities just like the rest of us.  I believe if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all applies more than ever in this circumstance. 

As women and mothers we should be supporting and building each other up not taking the first opportunity to tear each other down. Jealously is a curse ladies. Let’s compliment each other more – kindness is free.

Rachelle xx

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