To do list: Before baby

Considering or planning to start a family. Here is a list of things to do and enjoy before you take the plunge.

Go to the beach and relax: once baby arrives, the beach is no longer a relaxing place. Fun yes, relaxing no. Once baby arrives the beach becomes a sandy, sticky, hot adventure land. You need to be on you toes the whole time and will end the day with a pile of sandy washing that will rival Mt Fuji.

Be spontaneous: any opportunity you get. Babies and toddlers thrive on routine and no matter how flexible you want your baby to be the reality is they’re not. Go out for spontaneous 10 course digustation dinners, quick weekends away and nights out. When your little bundle of joy arrives these things need to be planned and organised. Mainly because you will either require a babysitter or pack the car with snacks, bottles, nappies,spare clothes, the list goes on…….

Use a small bag or clutch bag: these don’t really exist in mummies world’s (unless you’re out without bub). Bags become huge and full of snacks, wipes and are often sticky and/or wet for unknown reasons. Enjoy all your smaller handbags now, because they may be on the shelf for a little while.

Sleep in: no explanation required!!

See your friends: Catch up with friends and enjoy their company. While this still happens once you have a baby, it does change. The visits or catch ups become less frequent and you will often be distracted as you have to chase a little person around, kiss boo boo’s, feed or change nappies.

Enjoy silence and your own space
: Either alone or with your partner. Take time to relax in silence and your own space whenever possible (car, home, shops). Babies and toddlers are loud, love attention and will touch you a lot. Revel in this silence, before you have a little person climbing all over you or Finding Nemo playing on repeat in your living room.

Renovate or move house: if you need extra space for children. Do it before you’re pregnant, don’t put it off. I speak from experience. We extended while I was pregnant with my second baby and lived in the construction zone with a toddler. It was loud, dusty, hot and no fun. By the time I was close to my due date I was a bloated, angry, dusty little troll who lived in half a house. I’m just happy that our builder got the job done quick, but I wouldn’t do it again.

When people tell you having children changes your life, it’s true. You will have a lot of wonderful, fun moments and watching them grow and learn is amazing. Just take the time to enjoy the little things before they arrive and flip your world upside down.

Rachelle xx

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