New mum – style essentials

After the birth of both my children I was feeling very sleep deprived, puffy and uncomfortable in my skin. I was wearing some sort of new mum uniform of black maternity leggings (that were baggy in the butt and tummy area), long black baggy tops. These clothes were on a constant wash cycle as they were often covered in little patches of baby vomit. I decided the only way I was going to feel a little better about myself was to pull myself together and make an effort to look nicer. Guess what? It worked. I’m not saying you need to spend hours in the make up chair but I have put together a few clothing items and accessories that will make you feel nicer when in the transition period from maternity clothes to your normal clothes.

* Kimono tops, waterfall cardigan or shirts – These hide a multitude of bumps and jiggly bits but still look fresh. Try to get one in a nice pattern so you can team it with some black leggings or jeans. It will automatically make an outfit brighter without a lot of effort. They also look a lot smarter than a zip up tracksuit top.

* Harem pants or boyfriend jeans – a lovely pair of harem pants or comfy pair of boyfriend jeans is a must. You can quickly pop them on (no wriggling about to struggle into skinny jeans) team them with a neutral coloured singlet or long sleeve top and your ready for visitors.

* A nice pair of flats – your feet may be swollen and you probably won’t feel like popping on stilettos and tottering around. Invest in a nice neutral flat shoe, sandle or boot (depending on the season you have your baby). You can then be sure you won’t be wearing thongs around in the middle of winter because none of your other shoes fit or match your outfits.

*A quality blazer – like the blouse or kimono. A blazer will automatically dress up any outfit and highlight your waist. Even if it’s just worn over jeans and a tshirt. It’s also great for throwing over a top that may be stained with baby vomit to cover up until you get home.

*Some statement accessories – chunky necklaces, bracelets, belts, scarves and of course some sunglasses to cover your dark circles. Statement accessories will dress up any outfit and attract attention away from areas that you may prefer stay under wraps for now. They don’t need to be expensive pieces, think costume jewelry. Colourful scarves are also wonderful for new mums as they can double as a breastfeeding coverup when out and about.



Just because you’re a new mum it doesn’t mean you have to feel like a bag lady. Pop on some lipgloss and use some of the tips above and you will be feeling like a million bucks in no time.

Rachelle xx

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