Funky fashion for less

When I was pregnant with my first baby and found out it was a little boy.  I purchased so many cute little outfits from Ralph Lauren, Country Road and Pure baby, my shopping addiction was out of control. He also had a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos before he was even born.

One of the guys at work told me not to go crazy because they grow out of things so quick and a newborn rarely wears shoes. I didn’t pay attention and continued to buy like a maniac for my little man. Only to discover at 9 months old he had worn shoes on about three occasions and he had outgrown most of his Ralph Lauren onsies after a couple of wears. Most of the time he didn’t even make it out of the house in his fancy pants clothes as he required a change due to a vomit or poop explosion. 

Now don’t get me wrong I would never be one to ignore fashion, I like my kids to look neat and I’m not going to stop shopping anytime soon. However, I can now admit that the wise man that I work with was correct. I should have paid more attention to what I was buying and how much wear my baby would get out of it.

When I discovered my second child was a girl, it was extremely hard but controlled myself.  Holding onto Hudson’s unisex items for my little girl and purchasing a few nice, more expensive original pieces of clothing in larger sizes that she won’t grow out of as quick. I didn’t buy any newborn shoes as I decided to save my money to purchase a couple of quality pairs for when she needs them (plus I have a lot of her brothers small shoes that are still brand new)

As my son now attends childcare, the most important aspect of his clothing is that it must be durable. This doesn’t mean is has to be boring.

There are so many cheaper options for children’s clothes that are great quality and look fantastic for a quarter of the price of designer brands. Click the links below to check out some of my favourites:

* Charlie and Me – under same brand banner as Pumpkin Patch. Good quality and great prices.  Also a great range of kids shoes.
Next – amazing quality and they sell 3 and 4 packs of track pants and tshirts which are so handy for child care.  Be quick with this one as some styles/sizes sell out very quick.
* Mix Apparel (also available at selected Coles stores)
* Target
* Best & Less – great for simple onesies and often have Bonds on sale
* Big W – have Peter Morrisey, Mambo and often great discounts on Bonds.
* Cotton On Kids

Keep an eye out on sale sites that offer designer brands on discount.  These sites allow me to get some of the more expensive brands at a much cheaper price. My favourites are:

* Mumgo (also has great baby products, shoes and linen etc)
* Kidzwear Online  – hit and miss but often has Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. 
* Oz Sale
* Brands Exclusive

I also discovered some wonderful kids clothes retailers on Etsy and Instagram. You can find some beautiful original pieces on these sights and they don’t cost the earth. The best part is you are  supporting smaller local businesses. 

Feel free to share any sites with us as I we are always on the lookout for some great deals on clothes and accessories for our little ones.

Rachelle xx 

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