Little green thumb

My two year old Hudson, absolutely loves being outside.  What better way to encourage and embrace this than to get him involved in gardening.  It’s a fantastic little hobby for him and a great way to spend time with daddy (my husband also enjoys gardening). He got a little wheel barrow, watering can, rake and shovel for Christmas and he loves it.

We have a vegetable patch and Hudson helps with watering and also enjoys picking eating the snow peas, strawberries or any other garden treats. I also believe this is a way to encourage healthy snacking and helps him to learn where our food comes from.

We went to Bunnings on the weekend and found a lovely little pot called Ropots (includes paint, robot pot, book and pencil). You can paint and then use as a pot for your favourite plant, it’s around $18 so would also make a fantastic present for little ones.  Hudson picked a plant to go in his pot and we spent the afternoon painting in the sunshine.  While he is no Picasso, we had a great time and will plant his flower, take care of it and watch it grow over the coming months. 

Gardening is a great inexpensive activity for kids. A wonderful way to get them outside, teach responsibility and enjoy the sunshine.



Rachelle xx

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