My mummy must haves

There is a sea of post pregnancy and baby products.  It’s very overwhelming to know what works and what you will use. I thought I would share three of the products that have worked and been useful for me.

After reading that a belly wrap reduces the size of your swollen uterus, reduces water retention and helps you lose the wobbly mummy tummy I wanted to give it a go. I pretty much wore the post partum wrap all day everyday after having both my babies.  Once I started exercising I wore a sports belly wrap, I found the wraps assisted my stomach muscles to come together and provided support.  I used the baboosh baby range (by Brooke Burke) and purched online from the US. But I have seen belly wraps in Baby bunting and stores in Australia. Baboosh belly wrap

Me 11 – weeks post partum. After baby #2 in my baboosh belly exercise wrap.

When it came time to introduce solids to my little one. I found we were going through heaps of bibs that often ended up stained and added to my large pile of washing.  I now swear by washable, resuable bibs they can be rinsed clean and have a handy little catcher so the food ends up in the bib instead of on your sweetheats pants or floor. We now only use fabric bibs when we are out and about.  These are a fantastic baby shower gift. The ones pictured below can be purchased online Eat, teeth, sleep – easy rinse bib


Lastly, my son never liked being swaddled we tried a number of different sleeping bags. Eventually we found the Love to Dream swaddle. It allows your baby to have their arms above their head but they are still in the sleeping bag so they don’t wake themselves up with the startle reflex.  You can change the nappy while they are still in the bag  (perfect for dream feeds). These sleeping bags can be used from birth and are very durable. I’m now using them for my daughter too. Love to dream


Hudson on the right – loving his sleeping bag.

Happy Thursday!

Rachelle xx

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