Life’s little luxuries

As a mum you begin to appreciate the small things. It’s so easy to become so involved with your family and not take time for yourself. I wanted to share some of the little luxuries that helped me through my pregnancy and time as a new mum.

When I was pregnant anything that made me feel a little better about myself was welcome. I exfoliated my skin with Frank body scrub, used Bio oil and Goe oil to keep the stretch marks at bay and used Eco tan winter skin so I didn’t feel so pasty and white. I also started to use Young Blood mineral foundation, since my skin was so dry I found this foundation didn’t cake on and allowed my skin to breathe.


The small things I have discovered I enjoy since becoming a mum are:

* A silent car or just the radio on – no screaming or kids music playing.
* Food shopping alone without tiny hands grabbing at shelves or the need to feed the trolley monster as a distraction while you scurry through the supermarket.
* Going to the toilet or having a shower without a small cheerleader.
* Relaxing in the bath with lovely candles burning – No Nemo, ducks or similar bath toys shoved in my face. I love soy candles, Buddy & Me have some amazing scents at fantastic prices. A perfect gift for any new mum.
* Spending time doing my make up and hair without someone testing the brushes and eating lipstick.
* Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea outside in silence with just the sounds of nature – Maternal tea tonics are fantastic for pregnant or postnatal women.
* An adult meal with adult conversation that doesn’t involve me picking up food scraps from all over the floor afterwards.


I found taking a deep breath, looking after myself and doing something just for me once in awhile makes dealing with the crazy times a lot easier.

Rachelle xx

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