The dreaded C word!

Cesarean Section!!
When you talk to anyone or read books/internet about birth, c-sections are painted as the last resort probably most horrifying thing that could happen ever.  There are a million terrible stories and awful experiences documented but not a lot of positive ones.

Even though most women would love to experience childbirth in the most natural way. Reality is that c-sections are very common and often necessary for the birth of a healthy baby.

I would like to firstly note that this is my experience and opinion and I am not speaking on behalf of all mothers. I understand that it is major surgery and involves risk, but all childbirth has risks.

Both of my children were born via c-section.  One emergency and one elective. All I can say is that they were both very uncomplicated and quite simple procedures.   I had minimal pain (thanks to our little pal painkillers), I was able to breastfeed and was up and walking about the next day.  I understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but after hearing and reading so many bad things I just wanted to share a more positive experience.  

Honestly,  the worst part was when they put the spinal block in and that wasn’t even that bad. The midwives were on hand to assist with anything I needed and the pain management was good. I left the hospital taking only Panadol and Voltaren. While heavy lifting and vacuuming were restricted in the following weeks (who wants to do that stuff anyway), I was able to drive after two weeks (after checking with my obstetrician,  of course). My scar is minimal and very low so I am still able to wear a bikini….which right now with a 10 week old baby isn’t an overly appealing thought or image.

I don’t feel I was robbed of anything by having children this way and I don’t believe I am any less of a mother than someone who experienced 40 plus hours of labour and a drug free birth. 

My point is, that as women we are faced with many things and we always overcome them.  I have heard people are often ashamed of having a c-section or are incredibly disappointed. For me, I am just happy to have two healthy children.  We should support each other and decisions made rather than putting each other down.

Plus,  the birth isn’t really important. The real challenge comes after.  Being able to raise happy, healthy, well balanced little humans.

Rachelle xx


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