Stuck on repeat

It’s no secret that babies and little kids love routine.  It starts with bottles and sleep but before you know it your little smiling, cooing bundle of joy will start to demand what they like and when they want it. You soon realise that  negotiating with a little person is similar to negotiations with some sort of unreasonable terrorist. You need to pick your battles and there are many days that feel like groundhog day.

The first sign of repetition for me was solid foods. There are some weeks that my son will eat his body weight in bananas. Then all of a sudden he will push them away or squish them in his chubby fist while yelling ‘yuk…no more’. I then discover he has moved onto something else like grapes or blueberries.

The next thing is television shows or movies. Oh yes, my children watch TV! Not because I’m a bad mother, but sometimes I need time to get things done without someone hanging off my leg.  Anyway,  I vowed to never be the mum who knows all the kids shows. I thought I wouldn’t allow TV. However,  I now know almost every episode of Jake and the neverland pirates.  My husband and I could reenact entire scenes from Frozen and when driving on the freeway I’m often thinking in my head ‘speed…I am speed’ (in a Lighting McQueen voice). Good lord, what has happened to me?

There are also a number of phrases that I repeat or yell daily. Here are a few:

* No – over and over again, until I’m blue in the face.
* No cars on the walls.
* Don’t draw on the walls/floor.
* Don’t hit the dog.
* Don’t touch the dogs bum bum. 
* No toys in the toilet
* Have you got a poo? or now with two kids – Who has a poo? This is often followed by looking in someone’s pants or sniffing a babies crouch.  (Please note being a mum is the only time either of these actions are acceptable).  

This is probably a whole different post.  But another thing I have discovered that no matter how much I wipe him 99% of the time my son is sticky?  This also makes anything he comes in contact with sticky including my house, dog and car interior?  I guess its just a toddler mystery. 

Happy Monday! 
Rachelle xx


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